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Fur-equntly Asked Questions

From shipping inquiries to ingredient questions, we’ve got your back… er, tail.


What is freeze dried?


Freeze dried is a process where moisture is cooked out of the food, leaving you with a dehydrated product that you rehydrate at your home. It’s kinda similar to astronaut food.

Why raw?


Dogs’ ancestors were carnivores that exclusively ate raw meat. This allowed them to take in all their nutrients and vitamins naturally. Only in modern times did dog food become such an an amalgam of scraps, throwaways, and artificial filler did synthetic nutrients need to be added (usually a result of low-quality ingredients being cooked at insanely high temperatures and killing all good and bad nutrients.

What are your ingredients?


All Porter & Pals recipes are unique and contain natural ingredients (the same stuff you eat!) More details can be found on the recipes page, including a breakdown of each ingredient and its purpose. The theme of all our products is that we want them to be simple and full of ingredients you recognize and can actually pronounce. Our average product is made up of only 6 or 7 products containing meat, veggies, healthy carbs and fish oil.

How do I rehydrate the food?


You can rehydrate the food as you see fit and what works for your dog. We typically recommend adding a small amount of water, allowing the food to absorb the water for a few minutes, and then draining the excess water. The food can also be rehydrated with chicken broth or you can even use no water. However, serving water alongside mealtime is a must!

What food safety instructions should I follow when handling?


Although it looks like kibble, freeze dried raw food should be handled similarly to any raw meat. If you touch the food with your hands and then the scoop, please wash your hands to avoid contamination. Also make sure to clean your dog’s bowl after feeding and never leave uneaten food or dirty balls near small children.

What if my dog doesn’t eat all the food in their bowl?


Food in the bowl can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 days, after that it should be discarded. Covering with foil is recommended as well. It should never be left out at room temperature for more than 3-4 hours.

Is your food grain free?


All our current recipes are currently free of any grain. However, we may introduce grain in future recipes. Grain in dog food gets a bad rap. It was used as a cheap filler for decades, so it became a public target. Large food manufacturers responded to this pendulum swing by switching and promoting grain free, but mostly substituted one cheap filler for another in corn.

Where is the food made?


The food is sourced, much of it from local farms, all within the USA. It’s manufactured in Wisconsin.

Can I feed this to my puppy?


We’re still a new company. As such, we are starting with only food for young adults and older. Puppies require a specialized formula for their growing bodies, something we hope to address in the near future. If you have a puppy and want to use us when your dog turns 1, please shoot us an email with your dog’s birthdate and we’ll send you a personal reminder.

Who makes your recipes?


All our recipes are formulated by a veterinarian.

Is your food organic or grass fed?


Currently our food is neither organic nor grass fed.

Does the food expire?


Each bag has an expiration date. However, each sealed bag lasts for up to two years, so hopefully it’ll be long devoured before then!

What if my dog doesn’t like it?


We offer a satisfaction guarantee. If your dog doesn’t like it, send back any unopened bags for a full refund.

Do I need to treat this like any other raw meat I purchase?


Yes! Please consider this the same type of raw meat you purchase from the store. All hands and utensils and bowls need to be washed after each feeding. Please keep raw food away from young children as well.

What food safety steps do you take?


Food safety is very important to us. To insure that your dog is getting the safest products we add in a safety step called High Pressure Pasteurization (HPP for short). HPP is the process of taking all ingredients and putting them into a pressure tank that eliminates any bacteria that may be on the raw ingredients. This is not a required step but something we do to go above and beyond.

In addition, once a batch has been finished, we utilize what is known as test & hold. A sample of the food is sent to a lab to be tested for any food borne illnesses.

Why isn’t your food called human grade?


The simplest answer is that in order to be called human grade food, your food has to be made in a kitchen that also makes food for humans. We produce our food at a manufacturing facility that only makes dog food.


Do I need to be home to sign for my package?


Nope! Your package will be left for you unless you explicitly choose for it to be held at a pickup location.

Will I get notified when my package is on its way each month?


Yep! You’ll get an automated email with a tracking number each shipment.

What shipping methods do you use?


Depending on where you are, we use USPS or Fedex, with the occasional dash of UPS.


Can I cancel anytime?


Yep, simply log in to your account, click “Subscription” and then under actions “Cancel”.

Can I skip a subscription shipment?


Yep! To do so, login to your account, click “Delivery Schedule” and find the upcoming shipment you’d like to skip and click “skip”.

How do I update my credit card?


Log in to your account and click “Billing Information” and then “Update Card”.

How do I update my shipping address?


Log in to your account, click “Subscriptions” and then under your current shipping address at the top, click “Edit”.